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© rafael manuel

© rafael manuel

© harry gruyaert

filipiñana (feature)

Based on his short off the same title, Filipiñana is a continuation of Rafael Manuel's study on the Philippine golf and country club milieu as a self-contained microcosm that reflects societal structures present in the country. It is currently being developed in the Cannes Cinéfondation La Residence.

patrimonio (short)

An exploration of the family as the basic building block of Philippine society and how the country's macro-tragic state can be rooted in the micro of the nuances and peculiarities inherent in the family dynamics of the director's immediate familial unit.

english weather (short)

A series of character-based tableaus set in Hyde Park - London, strung together by the threat of impending rain. English Weather is Rafael Manuel's initial study of the climate of post-Brexit UK as his new home.

treatments and scripts available upon request

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